What is Incentive Plan Builder?

Incentive Plan Builder is a step-by-step, on-line incentive plan design tool for managers. Based on proven methodology used successfully by numerous companies, Incentive Plan Builder provides a quick and easy way to design custom incentive plans for all types of employees. With Incentive Plan Builder, you get:

  • Comprehensive resources you can depend on:
  • Professional, customized incentive plan documents

  • Expert advice on how to optimize your incentive plans

  • A place to store, update and manage all your incentive plan documents

Use Incentive Plan Builder when you want to...

  • Get your key employees focused on achieving critical business results.
  • Attract and retain the best and brightest.
  • Clarify for your employees what you expect from them.
  • Show your employees what they can expect to earn when they succeed.
  • Get your employees to take more responsibility for their own success.
  • Get the results you are paying for.
  • Use incentives to compete more effectively with other companies.
  • Learn the techniques used by professional incentive plan designers.

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Use the same technology as the pros — at a fraction of the cost — to create incentive plans that really work!

Learn how other companies use incentive plans to increase employee performance and improve business results.