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Business Services - top

Annual Incentives in IT Consulting

Worked with the owner and President of a rapidly-growing IT staffing and consulting company to revamp variable pay for all employees. Project included clarifying roles, identifying appropriate measures, weighting the measures, defining goals, and determining payout levels and payout frequency. Plan included monthly, quarterly and annual individual and team goals. [Vircon]

Business Representation

Representing owner of leading electronics industry market research and consulting firm in sale of business. Created and distributed Investment Memorandum describing offering, identified prospective buyers, assisted with negotiations. [Technology Forecasters]

Business Strategy Formulation & Implementation

Developed a comprehensive growth strategy for an IT staffing and consulting firm that involved the following elements: Gathering and reviewing performance data; interviewing staff; identifying issues and concerns; exploring options and ideas to improve overall business performance; clarifying goals and objectives; exploring additional service offerings and lines of business; defining strategic initiatives; revamping compensation programs; and creating management incentive plans. [Hicks Consulting Group]

Change of Ownership Planning

Helped the owners of a consulting and training company plan for the smooth transfer of ownership to the employees. Plans included options for selling the business to an outside party (individual or company), the existing employees (ESOP), and/or the current President. Discussions involved developing a strategy that would maximize present value for the existing owners while allowing for the on-going success of the business. [TechProse].

Compensation Redesign for Consulting Firm

Created new compensation plan for a $20 million consulting firm specializing in database design and implementation. Project included new consultant job family and base salary ranges, consultant incentive plan, incentive plans for Practice Line Directors, Project Managers, Business Development Managers, and Marketing and Sales Directors. Also created Company-wide incentives for administrative and support positions. [BASE Consulting]

Employee Earn-Out Plan

Designed and developed a post-acquisition employee earn-out plan to focus and energize employee efforts toward maximizing final company purchase price. Plan included tenure and performance-based measures. [Systems Partners]

Employee Earn-Out Plan

Designed and developed a post-acquisition employee earn-out plan to encourage and reward employees for maximizing final purchase price over a 20-month period. Plan included monthly quotas for Branch Managers and sales staff. Plan carefully differentiated earning opportunity based on job type to maximize the motivational impact of a limited budget. [Trattner Network]

Employee Reward and Retention Plan

Assisted owners with the creation of a plan designed to assure that key employees possessed adequate financial incentive to remain with the Company up to and beyond an investment banking event. Plan also rewarded employees for their contribution to the Company’s success and informed any employee who might be personally or professionally disadvantaged from a down sizing or restructuring what the financial potential of remaining with the Company would be in order for them to make informed choices about their future. [System Integration Solutions].

Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) & Executive Incentive Plan

Worked with the Company Founders and CEO to restructure the Company’s ESOP plan. Project involved defining various classes of employees, assigning each employee to the appropriate class, establishing target option levels for each class, creating a granting and vesting schedule, developing a plan to transition existing employees to their target level, and establishing on-going plan administrative guidelines. [BASE Consulting]

Executive Incentive Plan

Developed annual cash incentives for top six executives. Plan involved individual and Company-wide goals linked directly to sales commission plans and annual incentives for employees throughout the organization. [BASE Consulting]

Goal-Setting & Planning Model

Developed integrated spreadsheet business model for new technology staffing firm. Model incorporated numerous financial and organizational variables to predict performance and plan for growth. [Branta Group]

Incentives For New ESOP Company

Assisted the President and owner of a company that recently completed an ESOP conversion with the creation of annual incentives for the members of the executive team. Goals and measures were created to focus executives on increasing the value of the business in order to maximize payouts into the ESOP trust. (Excalibur Associates).

President Compensation

Designed compensation package, prepared and presented offer letter for the new President. Package included base salary (with built in annual increases), annual incentive tied to improved profitability, multi-year simulated equity tied to increase in company valuation, participation in the Company ESOP, tangible equity in the form of stock options, executive perquisites, and benefits. [TechProse]

Review of Business Operations

Conducted a detailed audit on all aspects of business operations including sales effectiveness, operating efficiency, organization structure, leadership capability, and financial stability for an contract staffing firm interested in removing barriers to growth. Recommendations included specific action plans to address issues noted. [Surfsoft]

Sales Incentives for Account Executives

Worked with the founder of privately held staffing and consulting firm to create sales incentives for Account Managers and Recruiters. Process involved clarifying business objectives and converting them into separate financial and strategic measures for each employee based on their role and desired contribution. [Artizen]

Sales Incentives for Account Managers

Worked with the founders of a small, privately held staffing and consulting firm to create sales incentives for Account Managers and Recruiters. Given the uncertain economic environment, it was essential that the plan assure that payouts occurred only after sales people had covered their own carrying cost and were providing sufficient value-added to the firm to justify additional payouts beyond base salary. [Thinknicity]

Strategic Compensation

Developed and implemented a plan for linking all elements of compensation to the near- and medium-term business objectives of the organization. Purpose was to help focus and energize all staff on the financial goals associated with preparing the company for sale. Elements included: sales and marketing incentives, management incentives, adjustments to base salaries, preliminary buy-out and earn-out disbursement plans, employment contracts and separation agreements. [Systems Partners]

Strategic Planning

Developed a 5-year plan intended to help a privately owned consulting company move to the next growth stage. Plan involved clarifying mission and values, streamlining products and services, developing a new organization structure, conducting risk analysis, creating a revised staffing plan (including detailed selection criteria), and modifying the sales commission structure. [Jaeger Group].

Strategic Planning

Revised short-term and long-term goals and measures, established tracking and reporting methodologies, introduced new members of management to business planning techniques, clarified roles and responsibilities of management team members, and updated compensation programs. [TechProse].

Strategic Planning

Developed a 4-year plan to triple company revenues. Plan provided clarity to management as well as context for employee action-taking. Plan addressed relative mix of four major business segments; determined whether additional segments should be added; targeted revenue growth in each segment; assessed service offerings in light of changing market needs. Following analysis, developed performance metrics, organization structure; systems/technology requirements; employee skills requirements; training and education; and a methodology for compensating employees to assure they remain focused on achieving desired results. [TechProse].

Financial Services - top

Compensation Plan for e-Commerce Division

Designed, developed and implemented a total cash compensation program for a new e-commerce division. Plan included metric-driven incentives, criteria-driven discretionary bonuses, group-wide incentives, non-monetary incentives, and restricted stock grants. Plan is intended to compare favorably with internet start-ups in order to improve recruitment and retention of key talent [Wells Fargo Bank, Internet Services]

Compensation Review for Credit Bureau

Assessed the overall competitiveness of pay for front-line Credit Collectors. Project involved a quantitative review of Collector productivity and the creation of performance metrics that established the desired on-going relationship between productivity and pay. Recommendations included restructuring base salary, commissions, office bonus, and profit-sharing plans. (County Credit Control)

Due Diligence

On behalf of a private equity firm, conducted due diligence on a prospective acquisition. Activities included financial and operating review, on-site interviews, customer interviews, and market analysis. Produced formal written report for investors and fund managers describing business’ strengths and weaknesses. Presented recommendations to fund leadership and selected investors. [Fundamental Capital]

Incentives for Bank Workout and Collections Groups

Designed an incentive plan to motivate Collectors and Loan Adjustors in the Business Banking Division to increase collections and manage financial risk without sacrificing customer service. Plan involved monthly monitoring of key performance indicators and random call screening to assure high quality service. [Wells Fargo Bank]

Incentives For Equity Sales Officers

In response to the Bank’s desire to spawn dramatic increases in consumer equity lending, assisted with the creation of a new sales position in the Retail Banking Division. This position was responsible for originating home equity loans and lines nation-wide via telephone from the Equity Lending Center in Oregon. In order to motivate and reward increased loan volume, designed and developed a sales incentive plan for 65 Equity Sales Officers. Process involved on-site observation to clarify incumbents’ roles and responsibilities, extensive meetings with management to define individual, team, and performance metrics, and modeling of payouts based on various performance scenarios. [Wells Fargo Bank, Retail Banking Division]

Incentives for New Sales Organization

Developed incentives to support a new sales organization and process within Business Banking Division. The approach created rewards sales staff for team as well as individual sales. This design was new to the Financial Services industry and represents a departure from previous sales incentive plans. The goal was to dramatically improve the productivity and motivation of the sales force in order to induce quantum leaps in revenues. [Wells Fargo Bank]

Incentives for Relationship Managers

Designed incentive plans for two new Relationship Manager positions. Plans encouraged incumbents to upsell and cross-sell without loosing sight of the need to broaden and deepen relationships through outstanding service. These positions are instrumental in reshaping the way the Bank approaches sales, customer service, and account retention. (Wells Fargo Bank, Business Banking Group)

New Approach To Selling

Led the effort to redesign the sales process for the nations 4th largest financial institution. Activities included redesigning how customer data is gathered, stored, and accessed; developing criteria for prioritizing prospects; matching prospects with product sets that maximize benefits to both customers and the bank; redirecting sales efforts towards most promising and profitable accounts; and standardizing the sales process across the company for consistency and efficiency. [Wells Fargo Bank]

Operating Group

Developed and managed a new service offering for a recently created private equity firm. Helped the founder create an operating group capable of assisting acquired companies with a full range of business needs. This group, staffed by investors and assorted affiliated executives, is intended to identify ways to optimize business performance and expedite rapid growth. Group also performs due diligence on new acquisition candidates. [Fundamental Capital]

Relationship Management

Led the effort to redesign the Relationship Management function (i.e., customer service) for the California Business Banking Division of Wells Fargo Bank. This effort included determining which customers qualify for support, defining staffing levels, developing algorithms for assigning customers to employee portfolios, establishing methods for load-leveling portfolios to assure similar workload, and techniques for keeping portfolios current and balanced over time. Effort included designing, developing and implementing incentive compensation plans for all department employees. [Wells Fargo Bank]

Sales Commission in Business Banking

Worked with senior management to develop sales commission plans for all sales position in California Business Banking group. This included developing plans for ten separate positions involved in sales and customer service for all business-related deposit, loan, lease and treasury management products. [Wells Fargo Bank, California Business Banking Group]

Sales Commission Plan in Financial Services

Worked with senior management to conceive and create sales commission plan for a new position intended to sell business banking services rural and remote communities throughout California. This new role combined the duties and activities of several separate positions into a single position. Because incumbents operated far from direct supervisory control, the incentive plan needed to provide more than the usual amount of behavioral guidance and direction. [Wells Fargo Bank, California Business Banking Group]

Sales Commissions for Brokerage Professionals

Developed sales commissions for Business Development Representatives, supervisors and managers responsible for selling online stock, bond, and mutual fund trading. These telephone-based brokers were charged with introducing customers to the techniques and benefits of trading online. [Wells Fargo Bank Online Investing]

Sales Incentive Plan Design for Equipment Financing

Designed an incentive plan for Sales Specialists involved in selling equipment financing products and services to the small business market. Plan was intended to encourage team performance beyond historical levels, reward increased group performance and productivity, and provide a mechanism for more frequent feedback of team and individual results. [Wells Fargo Bank, Equipment Financing Group]

Sales Incentives For Customer Service Representatives

Designed and developed sales incentive plan for Customer Service Representatives responsible for re-opening and restructuring home equity loans. Process involved extensive on-site observation to clarify incumbents’ roles and responsibilities. Plan design included team and individual measures. [Wells Fargo Bank, Retail Banking Division]

Sales Incentives for Investment Professionals

Worked with sales, marketing, and operations staff to design, develop, and implement sales incentives for two pilot programs. Each pilot was intended to test new options and approaches for bringing investment services to high net worth customers. Positions included Private Bankers, Trust Officers, Portfolio Managers, Securities Brokers, Investment Consultants, and their managers. [Wells Fargo Bank, Private Client Services]

Sales Incentives for Relationship Managers

Assisted with the design and development of a new incentive plan for the Bank’s Relationship Managers throughout the country. Plan was intended to increase sales of products and services through this important customer service channel. Process involved meeting with operations and HR executives to establish goals and objectives, review the pros and cons of previous plans, developed various optional plan designs, and reviewed performance modeling conducted by internal staff. [Wells Fargo Bank, Business Banking]

Sales Incentives in Financial Services

Developed sales incentives for managers and three levels of individual contributors responsible for selling credit card processing services to websites to support online transactions. Customers included websites with processing volumes ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars. [Wells >Fargo Internet Services]

Strategic Planning

Working closely with owners and managers, developed a 5-year plan for merging two separate local businesses into a single company with a national focus. Program included expanded services; new methods for tracking sales activities; revised organization structure; retention plan for key contributors; recruitment strategy; improvements to systems and technology; enhancements to office environment; and 5-year financial performance objectives and pro-forma budgets. [Credit Bureau of America]

Structured Interviewing and Selection

Designed, developed and tested a structured interview and selection process for a major national bank. This program was intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of hiring business relationship managers, commercial loan officers, business deposit consultant, and their managers. The program involved techniques for initial screening, panel interviews, written evaluations, mock presentations, ethical dilemmas, and a standardized methodology for scoring, ranking and measuring candidates. [Wells Fargo Bank]

Update and Revise Sales Commission Plan

Updated and revised sales commission plan for the Business Deposit Consultant (BDC). This project entailed studying the position to determine its duties and responsibilities, reviewing historical performance, meeting with management to clarify desired improvements, proposing various design options, and modeling financial impact. [Wells Fargo Bank, California Business Banking Group]

Food & Agriculture - top

Agricultural Chemical Industry Compensation Survey

Designed and conducted a nationwide survey of 21 exempt and nonexempt positions in the retail agricultural chemical industry. Survey sponsored by a consortium of 6 prominent industry organizations. Survey was designed to support local market pricing by allowing participants to access information electronically. Database was successfully marketed to non-member organizations to offset member cost. [Agricultural Chemical Industrial Relations Association]

Agriculture Industry Wage & Salary Surveys

Designed and conducted salary and benefits survey for three agricultural industry sub-sectors ‑ cattle ranching, cattle feeding and farming. Survey included 24 management and non-management positions in 40 organizations. Survey included wages, housing allowances, insurance coverage, retirement plans, bonuses, vacation policy, work schedules, and other benefits. [J.R. Simplot Company, Agriculture Group]

Canadian Chemical Industry Wage and Salary Survey

Designed and conducted a survey of chemical manufacturing companies, grain companies, and independent agricultural services organizations in the plains provinces of Canada (i.e., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) Survey included 9 positions in 24 organizations and involved total cash compensation information. [Simplot Canada Limited]

Canadian Production Supervisor Survey

On behalf of one of Canada’s largest fertilizer producers, conducted a survey of Production Supervisors in similar facilities throughout Canada. Survey gathered data on type and location of plant, licensure requirements, base pay, shift and overtime differentials, and scheduled hours worked. [Simplot Limited Canada]

Cattle Industry Wage & Salary Surveys

On behalf of a newly created consortium comprised of the nation’s 10 largest cattle-feeding operations, designed and conducted a salary and benefits surveys. The survey included 25 management and non-management positions. Survey included wages, housing allowances, insurance coverage, retirement plans, bonuses, vacation policy, work schedules, and other benefits. [Cattle Feeders Consortium]

Compensation Department Reengineering

Analyzed workflow, response time, resource levels, service levels, and customer reaction to Corporate Compensation department’s services. Gathered performance data, interviewed field Human Resource staff and developed recommendations aimed at increasing the department’s efficiency and effectiveness. [JR Simplot Company]

Consent Decree Compliance

Helped a diversified agriculture company comply with the terms of multi-million dollar consent decree involving charges of gender discrimination. Led a team of employees in the creation and implementation of a plan to end discriminatory pay practices. Instituted mechanisms to control future pay practices to minimize biased treatment. Integrated compensation activities into other related activities involving changes to hiring, promoting and training practices [J.R. Simplot Company]

Executive Total Remuneration Analysis

At the request of the CEO and Board of Directors, reviewed the overall market competitiveness of base salary, annual incentives, multi-year incentives and benefits for the 10 highest paid executives. Assisted with the creation of a new multi-year incentive plan that focused executives on increasing economic value-added (EVA). [J.R. Simplot Company]

Human Resources Benchmarking Study

Conducted survey of retail compensation practices in 6 major U.S. agricultural fertilizer producers. Survey included 3,993 incumbents in 8 positions and covered 707 retail locations with over $3.4 billion in annual sales. In addition to salary comparisons, survey included 15 key measures related to the effectiveness and efficiency of human resource functions. [Agricultural Fertilizer Human Resources Association]

Human Resources Department Whole Job Ranking

Supported HR Department reorganization with an analysis of the job content of 10 senior management positions. Ranked and measured positions internally and compared each to relevant external market data. Results included preliminary salary grade assignments and communications strategy [J.R. Simplot Company]

Ownership Continuity

Worked with the Board of Directors of a multi-billion dollar, privately held and family-owned international diversified food & agriculture company to plan for the smooth transition of ownership from one generation to the next. Work included analysis of approaches at similar companies as well as in depth discussions with Board members on personal and business interests [JR Simplot Company]

Plant Nutrient Industry Sales & Marketing Compensation Survey

Designed and conducted a compensation survey for 40 organizations involved in plant nutrient manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution. Survey included 9 positions in 7 regions covering the U.S., Canada and the Pacific Rim. [J.R. Simplot Company, Minerals and Chemical Group, 1995]

Post Consent Decree Base Salary Redesign

Redesigned the base salary program for the entire non-union workforce of a $2.1 billion vertically integrated multi-national wholesale food company. Project involved: creating job descriptions for 2,000 incumbents in 1,200 different positions; leading whole job ranking sessions amongst functional heads from 5 divisions; training and facilitating a Benchmark Committee in the evaluation of benchmark jobs; defining and surveying pay markets; developing range structures and salary administration guidelines; establishing methodologies for placing incumbents in new ranges; and creating a performance management system to move incumbents through the new ranges. This system was design at the client's request as a replacement for a 10-year old Hay compensation installation. [J.R. Simplot Company]

Retail Incentives and Commissions

Designed and developed a total reward program for 80 store managers and 120 field sales staff located throughout the western U.S. Program included surveying competitive pay levels, restructuring base salaries and revising annual incentives and sales commission plans. [Simplot Soilbuilders, 1995]

Sales Incentive Plan in Agricultural Chemicals

For a major west coast distributor and retailer of agricultural chemicals, designed and developed sales incentives for all direct-sales staff and Branch Managers. Effort involved on-site, one-on-one interviews with 47 employees followed by a detailed analysis of historical sales performance data. Led a work team comprised of representatives from senior management in the actual plan design. Following final plan approval, led the effort to communicate the plan and train incumbents. [Wilbur-Ellis Company]

Total Direct Compensation Analysis

Reviewed the overall compensation competitiveness for two Regional Vice Presidents to determine if pay is industry competitive. Analysis included valuation of publicly traded incentive stock options (ISO) and comparison to proprietary industry survey of like jobs. [Agrium USA]

Government - top

Base Salary Redesign for City of Sunnyvale

Designed and implemented a market-based salary program for management employees in a prominent Bay Area municipality. Program involved pricing 53 positions individually to the local pay market; developing a new salary range structure, restructuring the management bonus plan; setting up a strategy for transitioning employees to their new range; and complete guidelines for on-going program administration. [City of Sunnyvale]

Health Care - top

Annual CEO Update

Annual update of CEO compensation conducted under the auspices of the Board of Directors. Analysis involved all compensation elements including base salary, benefits, annual incentives, long-term incentives, and perquisites. Interviewed Board members and senior executives to assure comparator group reflected a similar level of strategic focus and activity. [Antelope Valley Health System]

Annual Executive Compensation Update

Conduct annual market analysis and create revised base salary ranges for all executives at a mission-based, acute care medical center. Analysis reflects the impact of any organizational changes that have occurred in the preceding year. Results include specific base salary recommendations for each executive [O’Connor Hospital & Medical Center]

Base Salary Program for Children's Hospital & Research Center

Designed new base salary program for major regional children’s hospital and its affiliated internationally renowned research center. Program covered 115 incumbents in 79 management positions. New salary administration guidelines were developed to assure on-going ability to attract and retain qualified staff in market sensitive positions. [Oakland Children’s Hospital & Research Institute]

Base Salary Program for Healthcare System

Designed and implemented a new base salary program for the system office employees of a major California-based healthcare provider. Program covered 55 employees in 42 executive, director, manager, professional, and administrative positions. [Daughters of Charity Health System]

Base Salary Redesign for Acute-Care Hospital

Designed and implemented a market-based salary program for all nonunion represented employees at a 350-bed District Hospital. Program involved pricing 125 positions individually to the local pay market; developing a new blended range structure that incorporated steps and a separate performance zone; setting up a transition strategy for migrating employees to their new range; and complete guidelines for on-going program administration. [Washington Hospital Healthcare System]

Base Salary Redesign in Acute-Care Hospital

Designed and implemented a market-based salary program for all non-contractual employees at a 358-bed acute-care hospital. Program involved pricing 180 positions individually to the local pay market; developing a new salary ranges that; setting up a transition strategy for migrating employees to their new range; and complete guidelines for on-going program administration. [O’Connor Hospital & Medical Center]

Base Salary Standardization and Consolidation

Worked with the leadership teams of three physician group practices to create a single consolidated compensation program for 3,300 clinical and administrative employees in 1,151 positions. This effort was conducted in conjunction with the organization’s overall effort to merge all facets of the physician groups’ operations. Activities included forecasting preliminary consolidation costs, developing a single compensation philosophy, creating a unified job code system, defining uniform jobs and job families, marketing pricing all positions, quantifying equity adjustments, and developing on-going administrative guidelines. [Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Camino Medical Group, Santa Cruz Medical Group]

Benefits Handbooks

Created handbooks for distribution to employees describing the Hospital's new Flexible Spending Account and Retirement Savings Plan programs. These Handbooks include numerous examples and worksheets to help employees better understand the Plans and calculate how best to take advantage of their many features. [Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford]

Business Systems Design

Assisted with the development of business and administrative systems to support the creation of an international management consulting subsidiary associated with the nation’s largest healthcare company. Activities included developing solutions for time tracking, expense tracking, management reporting, invoicing, and general accounting. [Kaiser Permanente International]

CEO Incentive Plan

Worked with the Boards of Directors of a Pediatric Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) and Independent Practice Association (IPA) to create and implement an annual cash incentive plan for the CEO and Medical Director. [Children’s First Health Network & Medical Group]

Company Brochure

Drafted first customer brochure for a newly created international health care consulting firm. The brochure described the firm’s background, approach, service offerings, value proposition, and resources. More than just a sales tool, this brochure is intended to differentiate the firm from its competitors and serve as a template for future communications materials. [Kaiser Permanente International]

Compensation Integration

The Board of Directors and executive teams of two merged healthcare foundations decided that combining employees under a single unified compensation plan would be an important first step. Therefore, they engaged Romanoff Consulting to design and develop new base salary and incentive programs for the combined workforce. These plans covered all 21 positions in the new entity. [Oakland Children’s Hospital & Research Institute Foundation]

Compensation Plan Consolidation for Kaiser Permanente

Following the Northern and Southern California merger, led the task force asked to create a single statewide pay program for all nonunion employees. This involved comparing pay levels for nearly 15,000 individuals in 1,700 positions ($3/4 billion payroll) to determine the magnitude of the pay differences north versus south. Following the comparison, led the task force in developing new statewide base salary and variable pay programs drawing on the best aspects of each region. Project included interim guidelines to assist managers during the transition, and an overall compensation philosophy to help guide program evolution. [Kaiser Permanente]

Compensation Re-Design for Kaiser Permanente

Coordinated the installation of a market-based compensation program for 4,000 salaried employees and 450 positions in Kaiser Permanente’s Southern California region. Effort included overseeing the activities of compensation department staff; developing pilot programs to test various implementation approaches, analyzing market data and proposing new salary ranges; developing unique ways to handle market sensitive positions (i.e., MIS); developing consistent methodologies for incentive plan design; creating techniques for effective on-going administration; and overseeing employee communications. [Kaiser Permanente, Southern California Region]

Compensation Readiness Audit

Assessed the readiness of two Bay Area hospitals to engage in a major re-design of their base salary and incentive compensation programs in light of a shift in labor market economics and the hospitals' strategic direction. Data gathering involved personal interviews with senior management team to determine management culture and compensation philosophy, as well as extensive focus groups to gauge employee readiness to accept change. Audit resulted in specific recommendations for pay-for-performance, phantom equity incentives and Gainsharing. [Mills-Peninsula Hospitals]

Compensation Redesign in Health Care

In response to the CEO’s desire to create a higher-performing workforce, completely redesigned the cash compensation program for a major regional trauma care center. Project involved total redesign of the base salary program and the development of goal-based annual incentives for all hospital managers. [Memorial Medical Center -- Modesto]

Employee Opinion Survey

Working with a committee comprised of management and employees, designed the first annual Employee Opinion Survey. This survey explored a broad range of short- and long-term issues. The survey was distributed to over 2000 employees (including employed physicians) and senior management used the results to make important organizational changes. [Oakland Children’s Hospital & Research Institute]

Executive Compensation

Developed market-based salary ranges for 17 health system executives. [Daughters of Charity Health System]

Executive Compensation

Worked with Board of Directors Compensation Committee to determine appropriate base salary levels for 17 hospital and health system executives. Modified annual incentive program to standardize goal-setting, performance measurement, and reporting processes. Introduced multi-year incentives. Formalized and standardized incentive plan policies and administration. [Mills-Peninsula Hospitals]

Executive Incentives

Worked with the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors to create and implement incentives for the hospital’s entire leadership team including the CEO, Medical Director and 8 Vice Presidents. In the process, introduced the organization to a new goal-setting approach tied to the strategic plan. Final design identified key business outcomes and linked participants together around common objectives. [Oakland Children’s Hospital & Research Institute]

Expansion Strategy

Assisted the owner/Medical Director of an occupational medicine clinic develop plans and strategy for expansion. Analyzed the feasibility of new locations and consulted with venture partners on capitalization and ownership options. Assisted with development of operational metrics in order to build pro-forma financials. Reviewed business operations to improve efficiency and profitability. [Centers for Occupational Medicine]

Goal-Setting & Planning Model

Initially growing out of the need to produce measures for the annual incentive plan, this effort rapidly grew into a fully integrated, spreadsheet-based interactive planning tool combining all of the major variables associated with fundraising for a 5-year, $125 million capital campaign. [Oakland Children’s Hospital & Research Institute Foundation]

Health Care Industry Salary Survey

Conducted a survey of 12 regional hospitals and medical centers, gathering base salary data on 103 clinical, administrative and support positions. Analyzed data for use in total base salary program redesign. [Mills-Peninsula Hospitals]

Information Technology Compensation Design

Working in conjunction with the senior management team, designed an array of compensation programs intended to attract and retain critical technical talent in a competitive job market that will likely intensify over the next several years. The proposed model was designed to be highly flexible and reflect the key drivers of pay for technical professionals including technical disciplines; technical specialties; internal and external demands for specific skills; technical competency; short- and long-term performance; project/team contribution; and value to the organization. This effort also included redesigning the job families, job titles, and career progressions. [Kaiser Permanente, Information Technology Group]

Information Technology Consolidation

Helped one of the West Coast’s premier medical groups consolidate two IT divisions into a single centralized department. Activities included creating new job families, slotting incumbents into new jobs, creating new market-based pay ranges, analyzing the costs of required equity adjustments, communicating the methodology and findings to senior management, and assisting with implementation [Palo Alto Medical Foundation].

Interim Director, Rehabilitation Engineering Center

Served as interim Director for 4 months in order to stabilize the Center's financial situation and restructure operations. Directed the Center's staff of 35 and $3 million operating budget. Orchestrated negotiations with joint-venture partners. Implemented sweeping changes in management processes resulting in improvements in profitability and productivity. [Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford]

Labor Negotiation Support

Collected and analyzed wage data to help bargaining team prepare to renegotiate labor agreement with Local 250 SEIU. Effort involved reviewing current contracts and compensation data from multiple hospitals [O’Connor Hospital & Medical Center]

Los Angeles Area Healthcare Executive Compensation Survey

Surveyed 20 executive and senior director positions in 11 major hospitals & medical centers located throughout the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. Survey included base salary, annual incentives, car allowance, supplementary life insurance, time off). [Saint Francis Medical Center]

Management Base Salary Study in Acute-Care Hospital

Gathered and reported data used to determine market competitiveness of 67 management jobs for Bay Area hospital. Included clinical, administrative and support positions. Data was used to identify incumbents requiring mid-year salary adjustments in order to head off unwanted turnover. [Seton Hospital]

Management Compensation Re-Design

Worked with the leadership team of a major tertiary medicail center to create a new management compensation program. Project involved developing individual incentive plans and new base salary ranges for all director and manager level positions. Program preserved important aspects of their current program while introducing a number of new elements. [Memorial Medical Center]

Personnel Handbook

Conceived, wrote and produced a comprehensive Staff Handbook for a new Children's Hospital. In addition to the typical guidelines, policies and procedures, this Handbook helped define and articulate the Hospital's philosophy and approach to such challenging issues as sexual harassment; cultural diversity; family-centered care; continuous learning and improvement; and problem resolution. This document was distributed to all 1600 staff members and has become the center-piece of the overall employee communications effort. [Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford]

Post Merger Base Salary Program Redesign

Designed, developed and installed a new base salary program for a 700 bed, two hospital regional health care system. Program covered 1,500 non-management employees and approximately 215 different positions. Program designed to be totally market based and replaced a point factor system that no longer met the organization's needs. Effort also required total restructuring of HRIS system and the development of PC-based tracking software to monitor market changes in subsequent years. [Mills-Peninsula Hospitals]

Regional Nursing Salary Survey

Conducted a survey of 5 major medical centers and 9 regional hospitals in California’s central valley. Survey included data on approximately 2,400 Staff Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Home Health Nurses. Survey and accompanying analysis used as part of collective bargaining strategy. [Kaiser Permanente]

Sales and Marketing Consolidation

Following the merger of the Northern and Southern California Regions into a single statewide Division, led the task force chartered to consolidate over 150 different sales and marketing compensation plans into a single statewide system. The effort involved reviewing and reconciling differences in both base salary levels and variable pay program mechanics (i.e., incentive opportunity, measures, targets, payout frequency, payout caps, management overrides, etc.) Scope covered over 2,000 sales and marketing professionals in both direct-sales and sales management roles as well as various support activities including systems, sales operations, communications, and performance measurement. [Kaiser Permanente, California Division Sales and Marketing]

Strategic Planning

Developed a long-term plan for nationally renowned Rehabilitation Engineering Center. Plan involved a review of the Center's current operational, financial and administrative situation, as well as its reimbursement, competitive and service environment. Full consideration and thorough analysis was performed on various options including changes to operations, joint ventures, affiliations, and organizational alternatives. The ultimate Plan clarified the Center's mission and determined the optimum course of action to assure long-term financial viability without jeopardizing the basic mission. [Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford Rehabilitation Engineering Center]

Summary Plan Descriptions and Highlights Brochures

Developed benefits communication packages for three Bay Area hospitals and Medical Centers. Packages included Summary Plan Descriptions, highlights brochures and enrollment forms. Coordinated layout, typesetting, graphics and printing. [Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford, Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital and Watsonville Community Hospital]

Survey of Hospital Executive Variable Pay Practices

Collected and compiled data from 14 Bay Area hospitals and health care systems on current variable pay practices for executives, directors and senior managers. Data collected included maximum payout opportunities, eligibility, typical goals and measures, and plan funding. Data used to determine advisability of creating similar plan to client company incumbents. [Washington Hospital Healthcare System]

Survey of Multi-Hospital Healthcare System Compensation Practices in Finance, Accounting, Reimbursement & Patient Financial Services

Surveyed 33 position positions in 10 organizations located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. This unique survey concentrates on an important but rarely surveyed segment of the healthcare market -- business offices and accounting departments in multi-hospital healthcare systems. This information has traditionally been difficult to come by and this survey fills an important void. [Daughters of Charity Health System]

Survey of Salary Increase Practices

Collected and compiled data from 11 Bay Area hospitals on current year and projected salary increase practices. Data included practices for both management and non-management (non-union) employees. [Seton Hospital]

Total Reward Plan Redesign

An on-going effort began in early 1993, led by Romanoff Consulting to guide the design and development of new approaches to recognizing and rewarding employees. This is part of a major cultural transformation that the Hospital is undertaking to improve its already outstanding quality and service. The process will involve clarification of the Hospital's values and reward philosophy, and development of a series of new programs that will likely include some or all of the following elements: A new base salary program; incentive plans for senior executives, key managers and staff (including nurses); a new performance management program for all employees; revised policies and procedures; staff and management training; and various communications materials. [Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford]

High Technology - top

Broad-Banding Seminar

Conducted a one-day on-site seminar and workshop on broad-banding for the human resource staff of major semi-conductor company. Seminar included presentation and discussion of the history of broad-banding, its pros and cons, and methods of implementation. It was intended to educate and inform department staff prior to piloting broad-banding in on of their departments. [LSI Logic]

Domestic and International Salary Ranges

Worked with the Director of World-Wide Compensation to develop a new set of market-based salary ranges for all positions operating in the U.S., United Kingdom, Germany and Austalia. In all this amounted to over 500 new ranges. Concurrently developed a repeatable process for updating these ranges annually that will greatly simplify on-going maintenance. [Dolby Laboratories]

Executive Total Remuneration Analysis

Reviewed the overall competitiveness of total remuneration (i.e., base salary, annual incentives, multi-year incentives, benefits, and incentive stock options) for 32 senior executives. Assisted with stock option valuation to determine grant size. Reconfigured various compensation elements to help the organization achieve desired pay “mix.” [Quantum]

Interim Director, Corporate Compensation

Served as interim Director of Corporate Compensation for a $5.6 billion computer disk drive manufacturer. Over a 6-month period, oversaw the effective delivery of programs and services. Assisted with the search for full-time incumbent. Oversaw the activities of 5 staff members involved in day-to-day compensation administration. Managed the effective implementation of year-end close. [Quantum]

IPO Support

Worker with the leadership of a new disk storage manufacturer being spun off from a major semi-conductor company to prepare for their initial public offering (IPO). Effort included a plan for differentiating the new business’ strategy, structure, people, processes and culture fro the parent organization. Also involved the creation of a totally customized reward strategy for base salary, annual incentives, and employee stock. [LSI Logic, Storage Systems Integration Division]

New Salary Ranges

Created new market-driven base salary ranges for approximately 500 U.S. positions. Jobs included executives, managers, professionals and administrative support in all functions and disciplines. Process included establishing new midpoints tied to market data, assigning appropriate minimuns and maximums, validating range spread, testing for compression between midpoints, and validating midpoint progressions within job families. [Dolby Laboratories]

Variable Compensation for Pre-IPO Start-Up

Developed and implemented a plan for linking all elements of compensation to business performance for a pre-IPO start-up. Purpose was to help focus and energize senior staff on the financial goals associated with preparing the company for a public offering. Elements included: sales and marketing incentives, management incentives, stock option grants, and adjustments to base salaries. [Exigen Group]

Variable Compensation in High Technology

Designed, developed and implemented new variable compensation program for a pre-IPO division being spun off of a major semi-conductor Company. Plan included employee stock option plan, restricted stock grants, and metric-driven incentives. Plan is part of the company’s overall strategy for recruitment and retention of key talent during the transition. This plan was bid and delivered in conjunction with Venture Pay Group. [Engenio]

Insurance - top

Incentive Readiness Audit

In the course of assessing an organization’s readiness to undertake variable pay, issues were noted that resulted in refocusing the effort into revamping the organization’s strategy, structure, processes, and job design.[Blue Shield of California]

Sales Commission Plan for Insurance Plan Professionals

Designed sales commission plans for Direct and Broker Sales Representatives. Worked with each group to clarify business objectives, identify desired behaviors, develop measures, and budget plan impact. [Blue Shield of California]

Sales Compensation for Health Plan Provider

Designed individual incentive plans for all levels of sales management (i.e., Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, and Supervisors) in the Individual and Government Business Unit throughout California. This involved clarifying sales forecasts, establishing sales metrics, identifying measures, setting goals, creating plan documents, and securing top management approval. [Blue Shield of California]

Sales Incentives for Inside and Outside Sales

Designed sales incentives and commission plans for all inside and outside sales positions at a major California health care insurance provider. Positions included commercial sales, retail sales, telesales, and Medicare sales. Project involved working with each group to clarify business objectives, desired behaviors, and performance outcomes. Of paramount importance was assuring proper relationships between various levels of management and between positions in different departments. [Blue Shield of California]

Internet & E-Commerce - top

Annual Compensation Review

Worked with the Founder and CEO of an internet and e-commerce company to review the employee compensation program. Validated base-salary levels for all employees, provided input into annual incentive plan goals, and assured that the plan supported the Company’s vision and direction. []

Incentive Plan Builder

Designed, developed and released on-line incentive plan design tool for managers. This tool provides a quick, easy way to design custom incentive plans for all types of employees. It includes sample plans, 130+ measures and goals, legal language, and numerous other features. Incentive Plan Builder helps managers create professional, attractive, customized incentive plan documents, provide expert advice on how to optimize incentive plans, and store, update and manage incentive plan documents. []

Pre-IPO Stock Option Update

In anticipation of becoming a public company, a pre-IPO internet start-up requested a review of its executive compensation programs (including base salary, annual cash bonus, and employee stock options). This review, developed for Board of Directors approval, involved comparing the Company against a peer group of similar e-commerce organizations, analyzing the marketplace to determine shortfalls, and developing recommendations on stock allocation. []

Salary Range Builder

Developing a tool to help compensation professionals create and manage market-based salary programs on-line. Targeted for completion in June 2008, Salary Range Builder organizes stores and retrieves all the data associated with building, maintaining and administering base salary programs for companies of all sizes and types. []

Sales Incentives in e-commerce

Worked with the founder of an internet-based video game web-site to create sales incentives for advertising sales representatives. The plan was designed to support the businesses desire to secure more consumer-branded product ads. []

Search Engine Optimization

Identified, selected and managed the activities of a team of specialized consultants and service-providers to increase traffic and internet sales on the website of prominent computer book manufacturer. Process involved modifying website to maximize search engine recognition. Developed relationships with third-party websites to place links and share revenues on product sales [Sybex]

Strategy Formulation

Led the effort to develop a near-term sales strategy for a leading Internet radio company. Plan included detailed metrics for monitoring success. Also included was a new sales incentive plan designed linked to individual and company-wide performance. []

Manufacturing - top

Breakthrough Planning

Conducted an intensive, year-long planning effort designed to triple the revenues of leading international jewelry designer and manufacturer. Plan emphasized creating the databases, reports, metrics and goals necessary to plan for, monitor, track and achieve near- and long-term growth objectives. [Jeanine Payer]

Off-Shore Manufacturing

Assisted the owner and management team of a leading international jewelry designer and manufacturer with a plan to move manufacturing off-shore to China. Plan involved identifying and selecting a joint-venture partner, setting up the factory, hiring the manager, training the employees, and starting up production. This is part of a comprehensive rapid-growth strategy designed to help the company grow rapidly and profitably while remaining faithful to its core values. [Jeanine Payer]

Performance Improvement

Assisted owner and investors with restructuring a privately held technology company. Activities included new organization structure, job design, revised pay program, salary administration guidelines, and on-going advice to management. [Allen Technologies].

Strategy Formulation

Develop a three-year growth strategy for a leading international jewelry designer and manufacturer. Plan included changes intended to improve design, manufacturing, distribution, sales and human resources management. Also included was a new incentive plan designed to link all employees to the new strategy. [Jeanine Payer]

Media & Advertising - top

Not-For-Profit - top

5-Year Vision & Plan

Worked with the Executive Director and Board of Directors to create a long-range vision and plan defining the future direction and growth potential for a non-profit organization focused on training and job placement for disadvantaged residents of Contra Cost County. This work was done pro-bono. [Opportunity Junction]

Executive Incentives

Assisted the founder of a rapidly-growing company providing educationally-based summer camps with an annual incentive plan for the COO. Rather than a traditional plan based on quantitative business metrics, this plan focused on core leadership traits that reinforced the Company’s unique mission, vision and values. Viewed as a pilot, this plan, if successful, will be implemented at all levels of management. [Camp Galileo]

Organizational Assessment

Interviewed three levels of management in an attempt to determine the staff's perception of a recent major reorganization; the effect it has had on morale; whether it has accomplished its objectives; and if not, determine the causes and recommend corrective action. As a result of findings, the structure has been refined to correct issues noted, and specific individuals have been redeployed into roles where they can be more effective. [Catholic Charities of Archdiocese of San Francisco]

Organizational Mission and Direction

Helped the Executive Director of a religiously affiliated charitable organization to clarify the mission and direction. Assisted with the restructuring of the Board of Directors, and the development of new standards and selection criteria for Board Members. Assisted the Executive Director with the development of new leadership strategies for the executive team. [Catholic Charities of Archdiocese of San Francisco]

Other - top

Executive Vehicle Allowance Market Survey and Analysis

This study was commissioned to 1) Determine the current cost of operating a vehicle in the Bay Area, 2) Identify how large Bay Area employers are reimbursing executives for vehicle operation, 3) Define the variables that influence executive vehicle allowances, 4) Determine the appropriate allowance to offset executive vehicle usage. The study analyzed various statistical sources to determine the actual cost of operating a vehicle and also involved an informal survey of nine large employers to determine how these companies are responding to the fuel crisis and the level of reimbursement they are offering to executives and other employees. [Daughters of Charity Health System]


Assisted ownership with restructuring a privately held technical translation business. Activities included new organization structure, job design, revised pay program, salary administration guidelines, and on-going advice to management. [Okada & Sellin Translations]

SQL Server Publications Strategy

Developed comprehensive strategy for computer book publishing company on new line SQL Server technology books. Recommendations included titles, content, prospective authors, and marketing strategy to maximize sales and distribution. [Sybex].

Petrochemical - top

Chemical Industry Survey

Surveyed 14 position positions in 16 organizations located in 10 geographic regions throughout the US. This survey was sponsored by the JR Simplot Company. Report included detailed analysis and reporting on both compensation and benefits elements. [JR Simplot]

Communications Effectiveness Audit

Designed and conducted a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative review of the effectiveness of all employee communication media including published materials, electronic media (i.e., e-mail and internet) and voice communications. Study involved evaluating content for structural, grammatical, and stylistic effectiveness; surveying audiences to determine extent of information transfer; assessing the cost/benefit relationship between various media; and restructuring the communications process to improve its overall effectiveness. [J.R. Simplot Company, Minerals & Chemical Group]

Executive Goal-Setting Training

Conducted a one-day off-site training session for Minerals & Chemicals Division executives on effective goal-setting. Program included goal-setting theory, analysis of the effectiveness of current Division goals, linking and cascading goals between various levels in the organization, and practical techniques for improving goal measurability and focusing on results. Program was then offered to next-level managers in 4 other Division sites. [JR Simplot Company, Minerals and Chemicals Division]

Sales Incentives in Wholesale Chemicals

Developed sales incentives for leading chemical distributor. Replaced basic commission plan with goal-driven incentive plan that reflected territory differences and focused employees on achieving a wide range of critical business objectives. Project included a custom survey of the nation’s top 25 chemical distributors [Basic Chemical Solutions]

Survey of Chemical Distributors (2005)

Collected and analyzed wage and benefits data from the top 10 mini-bulk chemical distributors. Although nation-wide in scope, the survey also analyzed local and regional pay practices. [Basic Chemical Solutions]

Survey of Chemical Distributors (2008

Collected and analyzed data from 3,500 employees in 47 positions from 7 major national chemical distribution companies. Data represented postions in sales, operations, marketing, customer service, finance, accounting, human resouurce and information technology. Data was organized into 7 geographic regions. Survey also included an assessment of supplementary pay practices and a thorought review of benefits practices. [Basic Chemical Solutions]

Real Estate, Engineering & Construction - top

Base Salary Redesign in Engineering and Construction

Revised the base salary program for a U.S.-based subsidiary of a Swedish-owned Engineering and Construction Company. Subsidiary designs and constructs non-ferrous metal processing facilities world-wide. Project involved market pricing 220 engineering and technical positions to assure that the company can attract and retain critical talent in a very competitive industry. An important by-product of this project was the complete repricing of billable hours to clients. [Kvaerner Metals]

Engineering Consulting Industry Survey

On behalf of two prominent, West Coast-based engineering consulting firms, conducted a survey to determine industry pay practices. Positions surveyed included engineers, scientists, chemists, geologists and toxicologists. The survey covered over 5,000 employees in 41 companies and 10 geographic regions throughout the western U.S. Pay elements surveyed included base salary, annual incentives, benefits, and perquisites. [Kennedy/Jenks & Nolte Associates]

Environmental Consulting Industry Survey

On behalf of a prominent, West Coast-based environmental engineering consulting firm, conducted a survey to determine industry pay practices. Positions surveyed included engineers, scientists, chemists, geologists and toxicologists. The survey covered 2,227 employees in 19 companies and 8 geographic regions throughout the western U.S. Pay elements surveyed included base salary, annual incentives, benefits, and perquisites. [Kennedy/Jenks Consultants]

Key Contributor Incentives

Working with the owner and senior management team, designed a series of key contributor incentive plans intended to increase focus on bottom line performance. Plan emphasized integration between project management staff and field operations personnel. [Overaa Construction]

Nevada Area Engineering Salary Survey

Conducted a survey of 11 engineering consulting firms located in Nevada. Survey included civil and environmental engineers, geologists and hydrologists. Data gathered included base salaries, annual incentives, and signing bonuses. [Kennedy-Jenks]

Performance Reward Plan for Children's Hospital

Designed and developed incentive plan to help assure the long-term financial viability. The Plan encouraged employees to achieve specific measurable objectives; increase productivity in terms of revenue, cost and quality; encourage improved planning, communication, and performance measurement; promote a healthy balance between financial performance and quality of service; foster teamwork without sacrificing individual accountability; and share rewards amongst eligible employees. [Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford, Rehabilitation Engineering Center]

Sports & Entertainment - top

Transportation - top

Competency Profiles for Core Marketing Positions

Developed and implemented a process to identify behaviors and characteristics that separate outstanding Marketing professionals from average performers. Information was used to identify and select candidates most likely to succeed; assure that the right people were in the right jobs; address the specific developmental needs to help marginal staff members improve; provide relevant criteria for measuring and rewarding success; determining who was eligible for advancement; and identifying the specific changes and improvements that would have the most immediate impact on making individuals more successful. [Southern Pacific Transportation Company]

Internal Business Processes

For a newly created transportation company, designed and implemented a fully integrated set of business and administrative processes. This included the processes necessary for handling every aspect of each customer transaction from the time the order was placed to the time payment was received. Created all necessary documents, forms and checklists, developed productivity standards, determined duties and responsibilities for employees, established automation standards for implementing computer systems, and developed vendor, customer and employee training programs. [IntelliTrans]

Organization Effectiveness for Marketing SBUs

Conducted a review of the effectiveness and efficiency of the people, processes and structure of a $400 million dollar commodity-oriented business group. This review included extensive one-on-one interviews with staff, focus groups to explore approaches, and detailed implementation guidelines. The review identified numerous issues on which the group took immediate action and has seen considerable improvement in revenues and employee morale. [Southern Pacific Transportation Company]

Organizational Alternatives for Mexico Business Group

Conducted a review of the Company's Mexico operation in order to determine the effectiveness of work methods and processes, the appropriateness of the organization structure and staffing levels, and the quality and effectiveness of the staff. The goal was to help the Company move toward a dominant competitive position in this important new market. As a result of the work done and the recommendations made, the Company has radically revised its approach to doing business in Mexico. [Southern Pacific Transportation Company]

Organizational Assessment and Succession Planning

Conducted an assessment of the managerial and operational processes within the Short-Line Railroad Group in order to improve productivity and efficiency. Areas analyzed include finance and accounting, operations, and logistics. Also interviewed senior managers and reviewed executive job content to determine the skills, background and experience necessary to assure a steady flow of talent into the organization over the next ten years. [Georgia-Pacific Corporation]

Process Improvement for Marketing Administration

Conducted a detailed analysis of the operations of the entire Marketing Administration function. This involved a comprehensive review and analysis of all internal marketing support activities including contract administration, publications, information systems, and pricing. Recommendations involved a major restructuring of tasks, structural re-organization, job redesign, and contracting services to qualified vendors. This resulted in improved efficiency, increased job satisfaction, reduced cost, and better service. [Southern Pacific Transportation Company]

Project Management

Installed Microsoft Project software and trained Project Managers on its use. Met individually and in groups with project team members to assure that all on-going assignments were properly loaded into the new system. Developed protocols for updating information on existing projects and setting up new projects to assure that all information is properly entered and maintained. [IntelliTrans]

Software System Design

Designed system to integrate all aspects of an international logistics company. System serves all phases of the business including operations (i.e., tracking, vendor notification, border documentation, daily updates, performance measurement, equipment management) accounting, pricing and customer service. This large-scale effort improved the accuracy and efficiency of all phases of the business; established a basis for monitoring and controlling daily operations; provided customers with "electronic pathways" to place orders, trace shipments and verify accounts; streamline operations through the elimination of redundant data inputs; simplified repetitive tasks; and improved communications with vendors, customers, carriers and internal staff. [IntelliTrans]

Staff Handbook

Created a comprehensive Staff Handbook for a start-up transportation logistics company. Worked closely with the company President and Administrative Manager to develop the policies and procedures documented in the handbook. As an emerging business, the handbook is intended to provide structure to the organization without introducing excessive bureaucracy. [IntelliTrans]

Strategic Restructuring

Restructured operations for a transportation logistics company. Prior to restructuring, operations were de-centralized resulting in significant inefficiencies. After the re-structuring, functional responsibilities resulted in dramatic improvements. Involvement included: re-defining business processes; re-structuring information flow; designing new positions; creating work schedules; overseeing implementation, and providing overall project management. [IntelliTrans].

Third Party Logistics

Developed a unique approach to logistics that involved outsourcing the transportation and distribution functions of Georgia-Pacific's largest pulp and paper mill to a 3rd-party provider with specialized expertise. Assignment involved identifying ways to overcome inefficiencies and constraints that hampered shipments from the plant; establishing a world-wide transportation "umbrella" encompassing all transportation modes (e.g., truck, rail and ship), freight forwarding, warehousing, customs, etc.; identifying ways to improve transit times, cycle times and equipment utilization; improving communications links between Georgia-Pacific, its vendors and its customers; and establishing a mechanism to correct transportation problems proactively. [Georgia-Pacific Corporation]

Utilities & Telecomm - top

Change of Ownership

Assisted the President in managing the transition from a closely held family business to becoming a successful subsidiary of a UK-based high technology conglomerate. Activities included conducting interviews and focus groups to gauge the morale of staff, working with outside recruiters to reconstitute the leadership team, establishing strategic objectives, forecasting growth, revamping base salary and incentive compensation programs, and designing and implementing new performance management tools. [Sea Tel]

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