Annual Memberships


$499 per year

With the Basic Membership, you get everything you need to build and manage incentive plans incuding:

  • The Design Wizard
  • Incentive Plan Manager
  • Legal and administrative language
  • Access to all your plans for editing
  • Summarize performance and calculate payouts
  • Store, update and manage all your plans
  • Save your favorite measures and retreive them later


$999 per year

With the Advanced Membership, you get access to all the features of the Basic Membership plus:

  • Access to our library of over 125 different incentive plan measures
  • Access to our library of incentive plan goals
  • Sample plans to help get you started
  • Definitions of specialized incentive plan terminology
  • Access to the message board to share ideas and questions with other Incentive Plan Builder users


$1,499 per year

With the Expert Membership, you get access to all the features of the Advanced Membership plus:

  • For each of the 125 measures in the library, you get information on:
    • How the measure is defined
    • How the measure is calculated
    • When to use the measure
    • How to use the measure
    • Who (i.e., what jobs) should use the measure
    • How the measure might be "gamed"
    • Other related measures
  • Access to extensive tips & Best Practices from an expert consultant to put 25 years of incentive plan design experience at your fingertips


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With the Enterprise Membership, you get access to all the features of the Expert Membership plus:

  • Discount on multiple memberships
  • The lowest per plan design cost ($199 per plan)
  • Ability to customize Incentive Plan Builder's Design Wizard to your company's exact needs
  • Unlimited access to phone and email support
  • Email newsletters to keep you abreast of what's happening in incentive plan design
  • Free access to Incentive Plan Builder webinars