How Much Does Incentive Plan Builder Cost?

Annual Membership

$499 per year

With your Annual Incentive Plan Builder membership, you get everything you need to build and manage incentive plans including:

  • The Design Wizard
  • Incentive Plan Manager
  • One plan document to get you started
  • Legal and Administrative language
  • Access to all your plans for editing
  • Summarize performance and calculate payouts
  • Store, update and manage all your plans
  • Save your favorite measures and retrieve them later
  • Access to our library of over 125 different incentive plan measures
  • Access to our library of incentive plan goals
  • Sample plans to help get you started
  • Definitions of specialized incentive plan terminology
  • Access to the message board to share ideas and questions with other Incentive Plan Builder users
  • Access to extensive tips & Best Practices from an expert consultant to put 25 years of incentive plan design experience at your fingertips

Additional Plan Documents

$99 each*
  • Each different incentive plan requires its own plan document
  • Return at no charge to update, modify and manage that plan
  • Contact us for special enterprise pricing on purchases of 25 plans or more

* Your annual membership includes one free plan

What You Get
  • Customized incentive plans for each employee.
  • Clear, concise easily understood incentive plan documents ready to be handed to each employee.
  • A document that is ready to be handed to each employee that clarifies what s/he needs to do and how much they will earn when they do it.
  • Incentive plan documents customized with your company name and logo.
  • Administrative language that protects you legally on a wide range of issues such as eligibility, termination, tax liabilities, plan amendments and more.