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Dispute Resolution Process
Whenever possible an employee should try to resolve any compensation or other issues with his or her immediate supervisor. Because the supervisor is close to the employee's situation he or she may already be aware of the problem or be in a position to offer a new perspective or some new facts that may be helpful. Employees are encouraged to solve a problem at the lowest level possible. However if an employee is not satisfied with an immediate supervisor's response or needs to talk to someone else the issue may be taken to the next level of management. Employees are encouraged to follow the specific chain of command in each department since this is often the most direct way to get matters resolved. If an employee is still not satisfied with the outcome from these discussions he or she is encouraged to discuss the issue with Human Resources. The HR representative will gather details of the situation from the employee and management. The HR representative will document his/her findings and then present the findings to management Any disputes under this plan that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement after exhausting the Dispute Resolution Process outlined above shall be submitted to binding arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration Association without right of appeal. Judgment may be entered upon any award that remains unsatisfied for thirty days. This Compensation Plan shall be governed construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state in which the participant is employed without reference to conflict of laws principles.

What You Get
  • Customized incentive plans for each employee.
  • Clear, concise easily understood incentive plan documents ready to be handed to each employee.
  • A document that is ready to be handed to each employee that clarifies what s/he needs to do and how much they will earn when they do it.
  • Incentive plan documents customized with your company name and logo.
  • Administrative language that protects you legally on a wide range of issues such as eligibility, termination, tax liabilities, plan amendments and more.