Consulting Services

Need Advice?

Go directly to the source. Phone consultations and on-site consulting with Kent Romanoff are available to:

  • Help you sort out thorny incentive design issues
  • Find out why your current incentive plans may not be working
  • Discover how to tune-up your existing approach
  • Sort out which measures best support your overall strategy
  • Learn how to motivate, reward and retain top performers
  • Make sure your payouts compare favorably with those of your competitors
  • Learn how to avoid "gaming" and unintended consequences

Working with us on the phone for an hour or two can save you thousands of dollars and months of wasted time. We can put you on the right track and explain what you need to do to make incentives work for you.

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Use the same technology as the pros — but at a fraction of the cost — to create incentive plans that really work!

Learn what other successful companies are doing, and do it yourself, without help from outside consultants.