Incentive Plan Manager

Incentive Plan Manager — the easy way to manage your plans

  • With Incentive Plan Manager, you can return to your customized incentive plans to edit and update them throughout the year.
  • When the year is over, Incentive Plan Manager is where you go to input performance results and calculate payouts.
  • With Incentive Plan Manager, all of your plans are safely stored and easily retrieved.
  • You can set up email reminders to help you remember when it's time to update your plans, do performance reviews, or calculate payouts.
  • You can create useful reports that summarize the key elements of all the plans you build using Incentive Plan Builder:
    • The goals and measures used on all of your plans.
    • How those goals are assigned and weighted for each employee.
    • The payout opportunity for each employee.
    • A payout summary for all of your plans.
  • Incentive Plan Manager is available at no extra charge for every plan you build using Incentive Plan Builder.
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