Data Security

WebSight Design, Inc. Security Policy

WebSight Design employs extensive security measures and takes every precaution to ensure the integrity and security of our networks, systems and data.

Our production hosting networks are housed at secure data centers, with security measures such as traditional locks, on-site security personnel, biometric and password protected access controls, and extensive surveillance systems. Fire suppression, HVAC, and backup power are also in place in case of emergency.

Our networks are protected using hardware firewalls that are configured for maximum security, only allowing specifically required services through to specific servers. We also monitor traffic on our networks closely, and investigate any indication of possible issues.

Our servers themselves have their operating systems loaded, configured and managed to ensure maximum security. The applications hosted on our servers are also configured for maximum security, and all non-essential applications are removed or disabled.

Our operating systems and applications are also constantly updated as security updates are made available. We closely monitor the release of updates for all operating systems and applications we host.

On the web layer, areas of our websites that utilize personal information are encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) utilizing 128-bit encryption. Our sites are also built from the ground up keeping security in mind, utilizing industry-standard best practices and time- tested methodology.